Formula Fit was created by The Fit for people like you.  Someone who knows how important a healthy lifestyle is, someone who is committed to working out, someone who finds great pleasure in working hard and pushing their limits.  Someone, who in spite, of all this, still struggles to fit it all in while managing a busy life.


The Fit has taken the perfect combination of cardio, strength, and flexibility training to create one class that makes you stronger, gives you the endurance to run a 5k, and keeps your body aligned for greatness.  The best part is, by using heart rate monitored training, you train in your target zone to optimize fat burn, get a workout that keeps on burning for up to 36 hours after your workout, AND gives you the toned body you are looking for.


Formula Fit is a high intensity interval class that is meant to challenge the body and the mind. Like any fitness routine, it requires commitment and determination. Our instructors are skilled at modifiying classes for most levels, from beginner to expert.  Some level of activity is suggested before taking classes.