Things that need clarification...


There are some parking spots behind The Fit, a city lot next to the library and plenty of street parking.  Bike parking is always available. If you live nearby, walking or running to your workout is a great way to get some extra work in.


We have two showers at The Fit.  Private changing rooms too.  There are lockers available for use while you are at The Fit. We are a small-ish gym and rely on everyone to help keep it neat and tidy.

My Zone

Track your heart rate, training days, and compete with others.  MyZone brings more meaning to your workouts, keeps you motivated, and helps you reach your goals. Purchase your MyZone strap from us or directly from MyZone.

Can I Bring My Trainer to The Fit?

Yes.  We love having new trainers at The Fit.  They need to be certified and we prefer the motivated type.  If you like them, chances are we will too.

Help, I don't know what to do!

We post full body workouts every day for you to try.  If that's still not enough, schedule a Fit-In to bring more meaning to your efforts.  As always, make sure you take time to keep your body aligned to prevent injuries and keep safe.  Stay tuned for our video library - members only.

Can kids take classes at The Fit?

A Fit League is a great way to get kids working out.  Get a group of friends together and let them have their own time.  Or, make it a parent- child date and attend class together.